About Our Event

Quality of life? Worldwide, several thousand diseases affect humans of which only about five hundred have any treatment; more than seven hundred million people suffer from malnutrition; health care for aging people concerns more than one billion people and so on…

With you and our partners, our vision, values, and ambition are to create a platform for the accelerated discoveries of therapies and advances in quality of life, for individuals as well as humankind globally

Objectives of the Event

The life sciences, health and related advanced biomaterial domains are on the verge of a disruptive evolution, actu​ally a revolution, thanks to the possibility to establish and operate facilities in space. However, most of the actors in these domains are unaware of these coming dramatic changes.

The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry can be considered fully mature with turnovers each of more than one trillion per year and hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D annually. However, the new environment offered by space is poised to strongly impact those numbers positively. 
The potential scientific, technological, and commercial benefits of microgravity research and development as well as manufacturing in space are considerable and will revolutionize traditional Earth-bound development and processing methods for these whole sectors. 

This revolution will stem both from the easier access to space in terms of cost and flight opportunities, and from the new space platforms and private stations planned to be launched from all over the world. Together with the new advanced and miniaturized laboratories, these will provide researchers and industry alike with exceptional opportunities to conduct experiments in a disruptive microgravity environment that will meet scientific and manufacturing principal standards.

 The resulting number of applications is expected to increase drastically from new therapeutics to anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and to stem cell research in general to name just a few. The whole pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical, biotechnology and biomaterial industries will become major participants in the frame of the commercialization of space.

Our Partners


This high-level event is expected to gather several hundred participants including worldwide experts from these domains as well as CEOs and other C-Level executives from the Pharma, Cosmetics, Biotechnology, Nutrition, Medical and Advanced Biomaterials Industry. Heads of Scientific Institutions and Space Agencies, as well as other Government Officials will share in discussions on how to foster these innovations. A specific session driven by CNES and ESA and dedicated to bringing together life science and space investors will be one of the highlights of this event.

More: What’s in it for You ?

As a conference participant : 

◦ Learning about how state-of-the-art space systems will revolutionize life sciences and health. 
◦ Learning how big a market health will be for space companies. 
◦ Unique opportunities to listen to and directly meet world leaders in the field thanks to the ‘in-person’ only participations. 
◦ Exceptional occasions to meet investors: several key investment deals were generated at ‘Health for Space 2023’. ◦ Get hints for new possible business

As a sponsor and exhibitor :

◦ A personalized platform for high level B2B and B2G networking.
◦ International visibility.
◦ A business accelerator to initiate partnership, contracts, and agreements.
◦ Increase your brand awareness towards high executives and decision makers.
◦ Have additional highly visible opportunities to showcase your projects and products, both inside the event and through media access priorities

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